Who we are

About us

In the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany, Italy, our journey unfolded. Inspired by the greats like Michelangelo, we combed the Carrara mountains in pursuit of exceptional materials. Amidst this quest, we discovered the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship – artisans who sculpt wonders from raw elements.

Our Focus

A Journey of Artistry and Elegance

Who We Are

Floors and walls emerged as canvases of smooth elegance adorned with precious stone motifs, each reflecting the meticulous dedication that defines Italian artistry. 

White Prizm emerged from the fusion of this mastery and a global vision. Our tiles encapsulate centuries of tradition, a testament to the hands that have meticulously shaped them. Guided by an unquenchable passion for innovation, we remain in perpetual pursuit of new materials and talents to ignite the creativity of interior designers and architects. Our tiles are more than embellishments; they are conduits of dreams, storytellers that breathe life into spaces. 

Embarking from the very heart of Tuscany’s artisan workshops, White Prizm’s legacy unfurls like an opulent tapestry. As our story echoes across continents, our showrooms grace London’s bustling boulevards and India’s vibrant vistas. With each tile, we don’t just celebrate Italian craftsmanship – we invite cultures to converge, dreams to take form, and spaces to breathe. From the whispering marbles of Tuscany to the mosaic of global design, our journey is a symphony of elegance, inviting you to dip your brush into the palette of opulence and join us in illuminating the world, one meticulously exquisite tile at a time.

White Prizm

Crafting Your Vision With White Prizm

Unveiling the Artistry:

Our collection is a tapestry woven from a myriad of materials, each with its unique story and character. Natural stones bear the raw elegance sculpted by nature's hand, while man-made ceramics showcase precision craftsmanship. Basalt's steadfastness meets terracotta's warmth, resulting in surfaces that are both enduring and inviting. These handpicked materials stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Diverse Palette, Boundless Imagination:

Step into the world of White Prizm, where materials are the hues on the canvas of your creativity. Our collection spans a spectrum of possibilities, from the organic elegance of natural stones to the precise allure of man-made ceramics. The rugged strength of basalt meets the inviting charm of terracotta, offering a range that caters to every taste and vision.

Partners in Creation:

Beyond the materials, our manufacturers are artists in their own right. They're the ones who mold materials and designs, crafting surfaces that seamlessly blend function and aesthetics. They're the tailors of your artistic vision, bringing it to life with their expertise. With their skills and our materials, we transform your dreams into tangible expressions of style and luxury.

Crafted to Your Vision:

At White Prizm, your artistic vision takes center stage. We offer the power to customize our products and materials according to your unique requirements. Whether it's a specific shade, texture, or design, we tailor our offerings to match your artistic needs. Your vision drives our craft, ensuring that every surface we create is a true reflection of your creativity.

A Seamless Fusion of Excellence

At White Prizm, we have woven together the threads of technology and craftsmanship to create a fabric of unrivaled luxury. Our commitment to innovation is ingrained in every pixel and pattern, as we employ cutting-edge technology to bring our visionary designs to life. Each tile is a canvas where precision meets imagination, where intricate details are meticulously etched by the hands of artisans who have inherited a legacy of mastery.

Step into our world, where the traditional and the modern converge harmoniously. Our digital artisans harness the power of technology to refine every curve, every texture, and every shade, breathing life into our designs. Yet, these digital marvels are born from the hands of true craftsmen, whose dedication has weathered the passage of time. The hum of machinery and the touch of skilled hands coalesce to form a symphony of creation that resonates through every tile we produce.

White Prizm’s approach transcends aesthetics, reaching the very essence of space transformation. Our tiles aren’t just components of decor; they’re catalysts of ambiance. Each tile carries within it the whispers of generations past, the craftsmanship of the present, and the innovation that propels us into the future. As you explore our Technology & Craftsmanship realm, you’ll uncover the intricate tapestry of our journey, where art and science unite to forge luxury that transcends time.

Meticulous Craftsmanship at Every Stage

At White Prizm, the pursuit of perfection is woven into every aspect of our quality and manufacturing process. We understand that true luxury goes beyond surface beauty, and it’s our dedication to precision and care that sets us apart.

From the moment the raw materials are selected, our artisans embark on a journey of transformation. Their skilled hands and keen eyes ensure that each tile carries the essence of true craftsmanship. The fusion of traditional artistry and modern technology is evident in every cut, every pattern, and every finish.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t just end with the creation of the tiles; it extends to every stage of production. Rigorous testing and inspection ensure that each piece not only meets but exceeds industry standards. It’s our way of ensuring that when you choose a White Prizm tile, you’re choosing a piece of art that’s built to last.